Mik ~

I got my shoes! They arrived yesterday, the last
possible day before my trip to Haiti for another three
months. Thank you so much. I will and do pass on your
random act of kindness. You have helped in more
ways than you know. You see, every day that I am in Haiti
doing the work that I do, I will step lightly and in peace
with your spirit in my soul(s). Thanks for your support.

With happy feet and smiles galore,

~ Kelly

If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally
transform one million realities.

-Maya Angelou


These images for our elements were created from original photographs, taken by Mik Wright.

The photographs were manipulated in Photoshop, the image inverted and an embossing plate created, the result of which is an abstract dimensional design which reflects a variety of elements in nature and the workshop that inspired Mik to investigate the outcome of texture and color when embossed into leather and airbrushed.

Note: We are in the process of updating our web site, so not all the prices on our web site are current. Email: or phone: 304-269-9782 for current prices.

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Ever wonder which shoes are in which shoe box? Tired of your shoe boxes falling apart and no easy way of storing unsightly scruffed cardboard boxes? Finally, we have found a new product that wonderfully complements our unique and one of a kind shoes...hand made clamshell boxes by located in central West Virginia. These elegant clamshell boxes, featuring a Lexan viewing window, can be used to either protect and store Those Shoes or simply take advantage of their combined beauty and use as an art piece for display in your home, rather than your closet :) These one of a kind protective clamshell boxes are custom made and color matched just for your pleasure.

Our Little Hawks, as with all of our shoes, are works of art that we create just for you. With their beautiful form, textures, and functionality, when not being enjoyed and admired while worn outside, Those Shoes now can rest in comfort and ease while being displayed and admired by all who view.

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